How about exercising only MINUTES a week to get healthy?

We all know that exercise should be part of our daily routine. Exercise can help lower your blood pressure,  lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, raise your HDL (good cholesterol),and help control blood sugar.

The current exercise recommendations are 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week or about 2.5 hours of exercise weekly.  Most Americans do not reach the current guidelines on a regular basis.

A small study published in the journal BioMed Central Endocrine Disorders concluded that short bursts of high intensity exercise can help prevent diabetes.  Sixteen men in their twenties, who were healthy but somewhat out of shape, rode an exercise bike for 30 seconds, four times a day, 2 days a week.  These men had a 23% improvement in their body’s ability to use insulin to clear sugar from the bloodstream. This effect lasted up to 10 days after the last burst of exercise.

Type 2 diabetes has been linked to inactivity and can be prevented or even reversed with regular exercise.  Who would have imagined only MINUTES of exercise a WEEK would make such a big difference? So why are you still sitting there reading this? Go exercise for 30 seconds!!


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