Impact of Diabetes on Heart Disease in Women

 Women with diabetes are 3 to 7 times more likely to develop heart disease/stroke than women without diabetes. Women with diabetes usually develop heart disease/stroke at an earlier age—they do not receive protection from estrogen.

Diabetes is a stronger predictor for heart disease and stroke in women than in men.

Diabetes is considered a “cardiovascular disease equivalent” meaning

diabetics should be treated as aggressively as a patient with known heart disease.


Diabetes ABC’s (Goals for Women with Diabetes to Prevent Heart Disease/Stroke):

A = Hemoglobin A1C < 7%

B = Blood Pressure < 120/80

C = Cholesterol LDL (“Lousy” or Bad Cholesterol) < 70

Brand New Book “Take Charge: A Woman’s Guide to a Healthier Heart” will be available Feb 2009 and discusses women’s risk factors and how to develop heart healthy lifestyles to decrease your risk for heart disease.  For more information visit
Looking for more info about Diabetes and Heart Disease please visit: (American Diabetes Association) (American Diabetes Association “Link for Life”education in English and Spanish)








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