Women Do Not Have Classic Heart Attack Symptoms

Do you know that more women die from heart disease every year than men? It is true.  Part of the problem is that women take longer to get to the hospital when they are having a heart attack and they are also treated less aggressively when they do get to there.  Women do not generally have the classic heart attack symptoms of crushing chest pain with difficulty breathing and sweating like men.  The following are common symptoms in women:

·         Chest discomfort or sensations-women rarely describe feelings in the chest as “pain”

·         Shoulder blade pain or discomfort

·         Shortness of breath

·         Unusual fatigue

·         Hot flushes or cold sweats

·         Indigestion type feelings

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should get to the hospital to be evaluated.  You should never be embarrassed about going to the hospital, even if you are unsure about your symptoms.  As you can see, the symptoms in women are vague and can easily be ignored when they occur in the midst of a busy day.  It is better to go to the hospital and be sent home knowing that your heart is fine than to sit home and really have a heart attack.

If you are having any new symptoms or any changes in your endurance/energy level, you should let your healthcare provider know.

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