Tips to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Having trouble getting your children to eat their vegetables? Here’s a couple of suggestions to improve your kids veggie intake…

A study just published in the journal Preventive Medicine found that children eat more fruits and vegetables when they see their parents eating fruits and vegetables.  When parents ate high fat foods and soft drinks, children followed these unhealthy eating patterns.  This research was part of the High 5 for Kids program – educational nutrition program focusing on ways to get children to eat more fruit and vegetables.  There was a direct correlation observed – children’s fruit and vegetable intake increased as their parent’s intake increased. Be a healthy fruit and veggie mentor!

Cool vegetable names can help increase children’s vegetable intake.  Cornell University studied 186 pre-schoolers.  When catchy names (like “x-ray carrots” rather than just “carrots”) were used to make vegetables sound more exciting the children ate more vegetables.  This study which was presented at the recent School Nutrition Association meeting found that children continue to eat more vegetables even when the fun labels were no longer used.  This initial catchy vegetable name influenced children’s future decision making.

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