Weight Loss Pills Harmful to Your Heart

Trying to lose weight? Stay away from those quick fix infomercials promising to burn your fat away “naturally”.  If they sound too goo to be true – they are!

The Food and Drug Administration recently found that 28 dietary supplements (many from China being sold on the internet) may actually lead to serious health problems.

Many of the pills contained sibutramine which is a powerful appetite suppressant but has similar effects to amphetamines.  These supplements can actually lead to heart attacks, palpitations and strokes.  Sibutramine is found in the presecription drug Meridia, which is used to treat obesity, but over-the-counter weight loss supplements often contain dangerous levels (two to three times the recommended daily dosage).  Another common ingredient in these weight loss supplements is phenolphthalein (frequently used as a laxative) which is being withdrawn from the market due to an increased risk of cancer.

Before considering any weight loss supplements you should consult your health care provider or pharmacist, better yet avoid them altogether. Remember the best way to lose weight is to decrease portion sizes and exercise! To lose one pound a week you need to either consume 500 less calories per day or burn off (exercise) 500 calories per day.


For more heart healthy nutritional advice visit www.heart-strong.com



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