Exercise Benefits After a Heart Attack


According to new research published in the journal Circulation (March 2009) any exercise regime after a heart attack is beneficial but, the exercise program needs to become a regular routine. Over 200 heart attack survivors were enrolled in a one month exercise program, either aerobic exercise or resistance training.  The effects of exercise were studied by measuring endothelial function (blood vessel relaxation).  All of the patients who performed regular exercise were found to have a beneficial widening of their blood vessels and improvement in blood flow.  No change in blood flow was observed in heart attack survivors who did not adhere to an exercise routine.  However, in patients who stopped exercising the beneficial blood flow effects were lost within 4 weeks.

Make exercise a part of your weekly routine! If these benefits were observed in people after a heart attack imagine the advantages you can experience to prevent heart disease.

The American Heart Association recommends all adults perform at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity several times a week.


For heart healthy exercise tips visit www.heart-strong.com




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