Which Sugar is Worse – Fructose or Glucose?

            A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (April 2009) has reported that fructose sweetened beverages may be more harmful than glucose sweetened products.  This study followed 32 overweight or obese men and women for 10 weeks.  Some of the people drank fructose-sweetened beverages (totaling 25% of their daily caloric intake) and some people drank glucose-sweetened beverages.  Both groups gained weight during the trial but the people consuming fructose gained most of their fat in the belly area.  Belly fat has been previously linked to an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.  Also people in the fructose group had higher LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and more insulin resistance.  The people who drank the glucose beverages gained weight but it was a subcutaneous fat which is not as detrimental to our health.

            High fructose corn syrup is commonly used in the United States and is worse for your health than other sugars.  So read those food labels and try to cut down on the processed foods, avoid “high-fructose corn syrup” products!



3 Responses to Which Sugar is Worse – Fructose or Glucose?

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