Having a Fat Neck May Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease


            We have known for some time that being overweight and having a lot of belly fat can increase a persons risk for heart disease, now new research from the Framingham Heart Study suggests that having a fat neck can also lead to heart disease.

            In this study researchers examined over 3,000 men and women with an average age of 51.  The average neck size was 40.5 cm for men and 34.2 cm for women.  As neck size grew, so did the risk factors for heart disease.  The HDL (healthy cholesterol level) was lower and the fasting blood sugar level higher in men and women who had fat neck.  For every 3 cm increase in neck size men had 2.2 milligrams of less good (HDL) cholesterol and women 2.7 milligrams less.  Neck size was not associated with LDL (bad cholesterol levels).  The increased risk was found regardless of waist circumference, but those people with fat necks and larger waistlines were at an even greater risk.  The researchers suggested that a fat neck may be an indicator of increased upper body fat.

            Dieting and exercise can help decrease both neck and belly size.

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3 Responses to Having a Fat Neck May Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease

  1. I was not aware of that! Thank you for sharing this informative article!

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