Can Vegetable Juice Promote Weight Loss?

       vegetable juice     A recent study of 81 adults (mostly women who had the metabolic syndrome, which is “pre-diabetes”) reported greater weight loss when vegetable juice was consumed daily. People in this study who drank 8 ounces of vegetable juice daily lost 4 pounds over 12 weeks whereas those who followed the same diet but did not drink veggie juice only lost 1 pound.  All the participants followed the American Heart Association DASH diet.  The DASH diet recommends a high intake of fruits and vegetables, high fiber, low fat, low salt and low fat dairy.  The DASH diet is considered a low fat and low salt diet that can help control or prevent high blood pressure.

            This is a preliminary study and more research is needed but drinking “low salt” vegetable juice every day is a great way to increase your intake of vegetables and may help shed some extra pounds.

 For more info on the DASH diet visit

For more info on heart health and hypertension visit


3 Responses to Can Vegetable Juice Promote Weight Loss?

  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your posts.

  2. Carolyn Shaw says:

    I like to prepare fruit and vegetable smoothies as part of my fiva a day recommended allowance. I also like home made vegetable soups because of the nutrients, fiber and water and their beneficial effect on the digestive system.

    I have also found the elderly prefer vegetable soups and smoothies because of the difficulty in chewing and swallowing solid fruits and vegetables.

  3. garethbradlyollystanleyronniestanleygarethstevenwilliamrichardronnienigelwendybradlysomeonestanleySam Johnson says:

    Interesting place, way different than the others!

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