Obesity Not Due to Lack of Exercise??

        obese child 

     Children in the United States today on average are 9 pounds heavier and adults 17 pounds heavier than kids and adults 20 years ago.  According to researchers in Australia (European Association for the Study of Obesity) the obesity epidemic in the U.S. is due to over-eating but not lack of exercise.

     Eating too much can lead to weight gain and obesity – that’s common sense, we all know this.  In order to lose weight we need to cut our daily caloric intake and decrease portion sizes – again common sense.  This is what the researchers are stressing.

     But this study is misleading – I believe there are also enough studies to support the fact that lack of exercise leads to weight gain.  So many Americans are not meeting the 30 minute minimum daily exercise requirements.  This study makes it sound like exercise is not as important as calorie restriction.

     Overeating AND lack of exercise both contribute to weight gain and obesity.  In order to lose weight and maintain heart health exercise must become part of our daily routine.  Starting slow and gradually increasing your amount of physical activity is key.  Walking is one of the best exercises, many people only think exercise means going to the gym – Any physical activity can help burn calories, improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  


“Take Charge: A Woman’s Guide to a Healthier Heart” is a new book that can help women identify their risk factors for heart disease, follow a heart healthy diet and exercise program.

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