Don’t Be Intimidated by Yoga

funny yoga            There are a lot of proven health benefits with Yoga.  Studies have shown that it can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower stress levels, and improve cholesterol levels.  Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and incorporates the principles of the mind-body connection.  Yoga can be practiced in the morning to increase your energy level for the day or in the evening to prepare you for a more restful sleep.  When starting a yoga program you should always start slowly, do not force your muscles, gradually your muscles will loosen over time with practice and you will be able to stretch further.  Do some research into the different types of yoga available to find which style is best for you – hatha, anusara, bikram, ashtanga, hot, power, raja – are some of the more common yoga styles.

            There are many books, videos, TV shows, online resources and local classes that can assist you.  Below are some online resources to get you started:


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