Have you recently had a heart attack?

Have you recently had a heart attack?

About half of all people who experience a heart attack also suffer from diabetes. Some people are aware they have diabetes before the heart attack; others do not find out until or after the heart attack occurs.

I was contacted and requested to help spread the word about an anonymous survey for people who:
1. Have experienced a heart attack
2. Also have Type 2 diabetes

Your feedback can help!

MediciGlobal is currently exploring a clinical study involving a new medicine for people who have recently had a heart attack and also have diabetes.

As part of this process it is important for them to better understand the patient population and steps people take for diagnosis and treatment. They also need to better understand the needs of the patient’s family.

Your information is kept confidential. This survey is anonymous. At the end, you have the OPTION to leave your contact information to win a free $50 cash card!

The only way we can continue to improve outcomes in people suffering heart attacks is through research so I decided to put the link to this survey on our site.  If you meet the criteria please take a few minutes to take a look at this survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ridkqbUHBi4_2feZ6MHtb1Sw_3d_3d


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