Fruit Drinks Increase Your Risk for Diabetes


Fruit drinks oftentimes are considered a healthier choice that soft drinks but they may actually be more likely to lead to weight gain and diabetes.

 A recent report from the Black Women’s Health Study (published in the Archives of Internal Medicine) which included over 2,700 women found that the higher the intake of sweetened fruit drinks the greater the likelihood of developing diabetes.  Women who consumed two or more sweetened beverages a day were much more likely to develop diabetes than women who consumed fewer than one per month.  The incidence of diabetes is dramatically higher among black women compared to white women and this study points out the importance of avoiding sweetened fruit drinks especially among black women.

 Believe it or not – Fruit drinks often have more calories than sweetened soft drinks.  It’s important to read those food labels!! (Fruit drinks in this study included powdered fruit flavored beverages, fruit flavored beverages, fortified fruit drinks and juices other than orange and grapefruit juice)

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