Night Owls at Higher Risk for Heart Disease

midnight oil

Chronic sleep loss has been previously linked to diabetes and obesity.

 This current study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting (March 2009) studied 251 men less than 60 years of age.  A sleep survey was completed along with weight, cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings.  

 The fewer hours a man slept each night the greater his blood pressure, triglyceride level (type of fat in blood) and the greater his weight.  Men who reported going to bed after midnight were more likely to have arterial stiffening (hardening of the blood vessels) which is an early stage of heart disease.  The reason for this finding is unknown but may be related to an activation of the sympathetic nervous system which controls the body’s response to stress.  It is not known if similar effects would be observed in women since only men were included in this study.

 But you may want to reconsider burning the midnight oil in order to prevent future heart problems.

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