“Energy Drinks” May Trigger Heart Problems

Energy drinks are touted to improve stamina and cognitive function.  These beverages often contain caffeine and sugar which can lead to an elevation in blood pressure and heart rate.  A recent study (published in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, April 2009) evaluated the effects of energy drinks of 15 healthy 20 to 39 year olds.  The participants drank 2 cans (containing 100 mg of caffeine each) daily for one week.  Blood pressure and heart rate were monitored before, during and after the energy drinks were consumed.  The heart rate increased approximately 8% on day 1 and 11% on day 7.

While the blood pressure increased approximately 8% on day 1 and almost 10% on day 7.  These increases in heart rate and blood pressure would definitely be detrimental to people with known high blood pressure or heart disease but may also over time lead to heart problems in younger healthy adults.

If you are going to consume “energy drinks” you should do so in moderation !! Better yet avoid them if possible.

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