Daily Candy Intake in Childhood May Lead to Adult Violence???


 I think back to when I was a child and I remember eating candy as a treat.  Did I have it every day?  No.  Not sure if my mom restricting my sweet intake is what has kept me out of jail though.  When I came across this article I had to share it because it was something I had never heard mentioned before.

 This study (British Cohort Study) was conducted in the United Kingdom and followed 17,000 people from birth through adulthood.  Children who ate candy almost every day (according to self-completed questionnaires) were more likely to have been convicted of a crime/violent act by age 34 than children who did not consume daily candy.  This was found irrespective of economic status, urban or rural environment, or parenting styles. 

 This study showing the impact of diet on behavior should really raise some questions and open up areas of future research.  The authors state that maybe the sweets given too frequently make children impatient and focused on immediate gratification, and this may lead to poor impulse control in adulthood. 

 With all the recent publicity about the overconsumption of sugar in America especially among kids and teens this relationship should be evaluated further.  Everything in moderation is our motto. So having an occasional soda, cake or candy is okay even for kids but overconsumption is not healthy and may lead to future behavioral problems??

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