Electronic Cigarettes – A New Way to Quit Smoking?

Recent U.S. statistics report that:

  • 23.5% of white men and 18.8% of white women still smoke 
  •  26% of black men and 18.5% of black women still smoke 
  •  10% of Hispanic men and 10% of Hispanic women still smoke
  • The highest percent is among American Indian/Alaska natives, 35.6% of men and 29% of women still smoke

Smoking is very costly both to our wallet and health.  Smoking increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.  There are numerous quit aides available to help people stop smoking – nicotine gum, nicotine patch, medications, hypnosis.  Now a new alternative is available – an electronic cigarette.  The e-cigarette is an electronic device powered by a microchip and is designed to look and feel like a real cigarette.  The e-cigarette contains nicotine but has no tar, tobacco or harmful carcinogens.  The nicotine once puffed becomes a vapor that resembles smoke and provides the physical sensation similar to tobacco smoke.

A survey of 10,000 electronic cigarette users found:

  • 72.5% out of 10,000 people were able to quit cigarette smoking within 45 days of using the e-cigarette on a daily basis
  • 89.5% of people agreed that within the first 2 days of using the e-cigarette they noticed an improvement in their breathing

This was a small survey not a scientific study and it was conducted by the manufacturers so results need to be interpreted with caution.  We are not recommending the e-cigarette to help people quit smoking but wanted to let people know that there is another alternative aide to quit smoking available.  Before starting to use any type of nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking you should discuss your options with your healthcare provider.  Social support is also very important when trying to quit smoking so discuss your desire to quit with your family and friends.  If you have failed to stop smoking in the past – do not get discouraged, we are all human – tomorrow is a new day. 

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25 Responses to Electronic Cigarettes – A New Way to Quit Smoking?

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  3. I wonder if the users of E Cigarettes in the stats who are able to stop smoking completely also stopped using the E Cigarette.

    If so, it could be a very powerful tool for smoking cessation.

  4. NICKOFTIME says:

    While electronic cigarettes cannot be marketed as a smoking cessation device as require FDA approval to make that claim, many people have been able to substitute e-cigs for regular cigarettes. While completely quitting all forms cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is best, a harm-reduction alternative should be considered for those who can’t or don’t want to quit. A recent study at the University of Alberta concluded the harm of using electronic cigarettes for a lifetime approximated the harm of smoking cigarettes for one month.

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  8. 21 Centurysmoking Optimizer says:

    wow hmm, really nice posting about of electronic cigarettes..i am also likes electronic cigarettes.

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  10. Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do.

  11. Dawn says:

    One of my friends bought a “carton” from BluCigs.com. I tried a few “puffs” and immediately thought that this was something that might actually be able to help me quit smoking. Although I am still inhaling nicotine I do like the fact that there aren’t a million other chemicals & pesticides. I know it’s not approved as a smoking cessation device but definitely felt like this might be exactly what I have been looking for to help me quit smoking. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I just ordered a starter kit before posting this reply!!!

  12. What better proof do you need then these statistics?! Th e-cig is the way to go when wanting to quit!

  13. How long do I wait to drink or eat after using this?

    Answer – You do not have to wait to eat or drink after using these products.

  14. Pit Silas says:

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  15. Dickies says:

    i have not been smoking for about 2 years now thanks to nicotine patches and a lot of self-discipline. the withdrawal symptoms i got from quitting smoking was not nice though.

  16. This excellent article is genuinely the finest on this popular topic. I concur with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your forthcoming updates. Merely saying thank you won’t really be ample, for the vast lucidity within your writing.

  17. I wish i could say more than thanks to you for your article, it is really helpful to me for resolving my problem now.

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  19. heartstrong says:

    You can drink or eat right after using this product, do not need to wait.

  20. Andre Sill says:

    Considered to be the safest alternative to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are as lovely as they sound. Essentially, they are cigarette-shaped devices that do not require a flame. While electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, it is the only chemical that users inhale, allowing them to satisfy their cravings while avoiding most of the health risks of smoking. Smokeless delite is the world’s largest distributor of electronic cigarettes and is committed to providing smokers with the nicotine sensations they are used to without the added social and medical problems.

  21. vapor king says:

    you chosen very good topic thanks for shown your interest.

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  23. Curly Da says:

    This post is really informative. If you can’t leave your smoking habit immediately you can switch to the smokeless electric cigarette or e-cigs with which you can really save yourself and your surroundings from the risks that are associated with smoking any traditional cigarette

  24. It is a new way indeed but if the user won’t decide to quit, he’ll never be able to stop it.

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