Women and Heart Disease – A Survivor’s Story

This is a heart saving story about women and heart disease – straight from a survivor.  Brought to you by the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

Today’s message is from Stephanie, who had a heart attack at 24 after being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 16.

At 16, Stephanie, who was overweight, had been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Stephanie said these things were mentioned casually by her physician, but she didn’t know they were a big deal.  “Because I wasn’t well educated about those conditions, they went unmanaged for a long time.”

As a college undergraduate I ate a typical fast-food diet, I rarely cooked my own food and often ate out.  After my heart attack that all changed.  I’ve lost 70 pounds and significantly reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol.  I work out five to six times a week and my experience has pushed me to eat healthy.  My diet is heavy on protein, fiber and produce, and I’m big on reading labels.  I’ve learned that you can love your heart by paying attention to what you put in your mouth.

 Changing the way you eat and prepare food can reduce your risk.

Not all fats are created equal. Use only fats and oils with 2 grams (or less) of saturated fat per tablespoon.

Break free of frying.  Boil, bake, sauté, steam, microwave, grill, broil, roast, or poach your entrée to cut the fat and keep the flavor.

When eating prepared food, pay close attention to labels.  Hydrogrenated oils and fats are often hidden in the ingredient list.

 For recipes that let you love your heart and enjoy your meals visit the American Heart Association’s online cookbook at www.deliciousdecision.org

For more heart healthy info visit www.heart-strong.com


9 Responses to Women and Heart Disease – A Survivor’s Story

  1. Wow. What an inspiring story! My family & I really enjoy the mushroom quesadillas on http://www.deliciousdecisions.org! The cilantro in the recipe really makes them delicious! I highly recommend them to everyone!

  2. I Liked reading this post. Quite some usefull fitness info in it for me :). And after reading this i think you will really like the book Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle. To me this is like the health and fitness bible. Last year i lost almost 25 pounds and gained an inch on my arms in 12 weeks. What you describe here does resemble the book a bit, but there is so much more! I added the link in my name so you dont have to search for it ;). Again, nice post and i hope you keep it up!

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