The Egg Controversy: Healthy or Harmful?

The egg controversy still continues…

Eggs are a great source of protein, folate, riboflavin, choline, vitamin B12, A, D, and K.  So why have eggs gotten a bad wrap?

In the 1970’s the American Heart Association recommended decreasing the consumption of eggs and other sources of cholesterol to help decrease the risk of heart disease.  But the relationship between egg cholesterol, increased blood cholesterol and heart disease is still not clearly understood.

Studies have reported that consuming eggs can increase blood cholesterol levels in SOME people but not everyone.  The interesting finding is that egg cholesterol was found to increased LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels.  Also in some people egg cholesterol promotes the formation of large LDL cholesterol particles, which are better than small LDL particles and are less likely to cause plaque formation (narrowing in blood vessels).  Researchers believe that genetics, ethnicity, BMI and hormone status all may play a role in how eggs affect cholesterol levels differently in different people.

The NHANES III observational study evaluated over 27,000 people and found that people who ate 4 or more eggs per week had significantly lower cholesterol levels than people who ate less than one egg per week.

 So what is the final word on eggs? We still do not have the answer….

Our recommendation is eggs are probably a healthy food source for most people IN MODERATION!

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