Women and Heart Disease Across the Lifespan (Part 2 – Baby Boomers)

During this show we will discuss heart problems women may start to experience around menopause. “The Menopause Triple Threat” – weight gain, high blood pressure & cholesterol problems. Heart attack & stroke risk factors, “Broken Heart Syndrome”
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5 Responses to Women and Heart Disease Across the Lifespan (Part 2 – Baby Boomers)

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  2. I had my heart attack at age 58 – but was sent home from the E.R. with a misdiagnosis of acid reflux despite presenting with textbook symptoms like crushing chest pain, nausea, sweating and pain radiating down my left arm. Women ‘of a certain age’ are misdiagnosed in mid-heart attack with everything from anxiety to gall bladder problems to indigestion – and even menopause itself, a handy all-purpose diagnosis for what ails you!

    Dr. Jerome Groupman, in his wonderful book “How Doctors Think”, calls this ‘The 18-Second Rule” – which he claims is how long doctors wait before interrupting the patient with diagnosis and treatment options, right or wrong.

    Since then, I’ve had a number of recurrent dreams about my heart attack, all around being helpless while flying on a plane (an empty plane!) with nobody around to help – apparently a common phenomenon both before (predictive) and after a cardiac event.

    I wonder if your middle-aged readers who have survived a cardiac event also experience dreams like these that seemed to predict their heart attack? More on this at: “Have You Ever Had Dreams That Accurately Predicted Illness or Healing?” at: http://myheartsisters.org/2010/06/07/dreams/

  3. Arntr says:

    Hi! Very interesting read. Will follow this.

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    Very interesting article!

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